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    New flash (10.1) and GPU usage (0%)


      In the first place, becuse it's my first post I wonna say hello for Everyone!

      I'm user of relatively weak computer (pentium IV 3.0 with hyper-threadingiem) but with a bit newer graphic card -
      asus radeon HD4650

      I'm not big new games fun, I'm useing my hardware most to internet access so I would rather not to buy new computer in the near future. But also I would like to have possibility to watch flash movies fluently on full screen (eg. youtube, video streeming). Unfortunatelly, till now, it was pretty weak. I got hope that afther new flash release (lately), which should use computing power of graphic card and making CPU work lighter.


      In the begining, becouse It's my first post, I wonna say greatings for Everyone!

      Unfortunatelly, afther flash update (10.1) I haven't noticed any changes - everything work in the same way (not fluently) as at old flash. CPU usage is still ca.100% and GPU usage is 0% (I can see it in control panel)

      What is wrong? Is it this version of flash what should use GPU or it is not yet? Maybe I should configure something more? Or is it possible that I made something wrong? I've tried few times, made lots of work and combinations (instaling and reinstaling different versions of flashs, graphic card drivers, browsers changing etc) and still nothing.

      Thank You in advanced for any hints!


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          syellamr Level 1

          Two points:


          1. Flash Player users hardware acceleration only for H264 video decoding. Videos in other codecs (like a lot of youtube videos still) may not see any difference.

          2. Your graphics card may not hav support for video decoding. You need to check FP's combatibility list to see if yours is on it.