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    Email button not working in some web situations


      I have had a problem with the email button when viewing pdf files inside web browsers when the pdf is embedded in the page (either in html, as in http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/testpages/pdf.html , or if the pdf is served in an ASP page / Silverlight page rather than as a static file). I have 9.3.2 of the reader installed.


      In IE, clicking on the button causes the dialog asking whether to email a link or a copy of the document, but both appear to fail. In Firefox, occasionally the email a copy option works, but the link causes an immediate crash.


      When running a silverlight application out of browser, the error is reported as occurring in sllauncher.exe; when running it from IE, it instead comes from iexplore.exe. Both reference a sendmail.api access violation reading a location. A report I received from another user had the ModVer (I assume his version of reader) and an offset of 0000e87c.


      I can't find anything that seems to indicate how to proceed with this. Does the email method require (or assume) that Viewer is running as a standalone application, rather than as a plugin inside a browser? Any help would be greatly appreciated.