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    Loading an entire theme at runtime

    EricJ32 Level 1



      I was wondering if this was possible...


      I have an application which I want to style individually for each user - their login determines which style to load. I have been doing this quite successfully with my old Flex 3 application, just through basic CSS, but I would now like to take advantage of greater skinning using Flex 4.


      What I would like to know is, is there any way to keep the skins out of the main application, and to load these at runtime? So if client A has styleA.css which loads the ClassDefinitions for ButtonSkinA, LabelSkinA etc, would I have to compile all these skins into the application? This would mean I'd have to have all the skins for all the clients in the application swf, even though I only need one set for each log in.


      Thanks for any suggestions.