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    HELP! I've created a blue movie!

    RalphDCW Level 1

      Just created my first movie using Premier Pro CS5. Just a standard QuickTime DV Pal. As I've done with CS4, I went to File - Export - Media. I set it to QuickTime PAL DV then clicked Export. To my surprise it started rendering without first opening Adobe Media Encoder CS5. Is that normal?


      Anyway, when I viewed the rendered file in QuickTime I noticed that certain sections that should be in colour were just bright blue. Initially I thought I'd left in an unwanted Video effect for those particular sections. But no. I can't get to the bottom of the problem. The entire .prproj file renders fine in CS4 using Adobe Media Encoder CS4. The two individual movies render fine on their own in CS5. Even earlier sections of the same movie render fine. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I'm mystified.




      Only good news is that I've got a solution:

      Instead of clicking Export in the Export Settings box, I click Queue. This takes me to the Adobe Media Encoder CS5. I then click Start Queue. Resultant QuickTime movie is fine!


      But it should still work using Export shouldn't it?

      Any ideas anyone?

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          keith joel Level 1



          Any more luck on this problem?  I have been given the large assigment of producing television shows for the Wild Outdoors and every time I go to do a digital submission to the Outdoor Channel parts of the export flash or stay bright blue.  They asked me to give the every camera and serial number of the units used.  I have 20 prostaff members filming and cant do that.  It plays fine in the timeline.  Export it and kabang....flash.


          A little help please Adobe.


          Beamer over and out.

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            SuperOperater Level 1

            Guys that is why the PRO external MONITOR is needed and it is expensive!

            And color management of your monitor is often not the broadcasting one (I just bought nVIDIA CUDA 3800FX graphic card the other day, and when I installed it, it asked me which monitor color profile I wanna use to work with... And it is much more then just sRGB and sADOBE ones... Almost like pro-printers!!!

            I use hardware gadget to calibrate my monitors, but still check all my work up on CRT TV-set (nowadays you can get really good second hand CRT TVs, since people are all changing them for "slim" ones - and TUBE TV (CRT) is still the most reliable one!!! So, if you can't afford real studio MONITOR (I know that  I can't), my advise to you is to buy some good SONY CRT TV-set (at least 32" screen)  somewhere from the second hand market!!!


            I would also suggest using some other DV codecs then QUICK TIME one, I tried many of them in the time I was working with DV materials, and my personal favorite was MAIN CONCEPT DV codec, although Panasonic had good one... And someone just told me yesterday on 5D forum that QUICK TIME codecs (being APPLE's product) aren't suitable for 64bit computing, so they crush down your quality to 32-bit ---- I don't know if that is correct - just telling you what I was told!


            And about exporting or queing (for opening Media Encoder) ---- It is still Media Encoder's engine rendering your file directly from Premiere, they just made it so that if you have only one file to render, you save time and extra process of going into ENCODER's window....


            But, if you still wanna do it from there (which I personally do, 'cause you can still change some custom setting from there, or you intend to export more files, but not one at the time, just press QUEUE - and your MEDIA ENCODER WINDOW will pop up!!!


            Good luck and all the best in the New Year!!!!


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              SuperOperater Level 1

              If I missunderstood your problem - ergo (after reading your post one more time - if just part of your timeline has color problem, and the rest is fine, than ignore my external MONITORING part of msg... then you have some other problem....


              Did you update to PPRO 5.0.3???

              And try other codec, as I suggested in earlier post!

              Sorry if I misunderstood you!!!

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                RalphDCW Level 1



                Yes I have updated to PPRO 5.0.3


                I've never had a repetition of the problem - BUT in the 7 months since I posted that message, I never risked using the Export button - I always use Queue - which hardly takes any more time and always works for me


                I haven't done any other tests on the original file or tried any other codec


                Just use Queue!