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    Buttons that execute Javascript

    Gray Susan Level 2

      I'm trying to use a button that would tell the Captivate project to close the project and navigate the student to a form where they can critique the course.  We already have a button that does this in FLASH and I was hoping just to copy that code onto a Captivate button.  The code in FLASH AS2 says this


      on (release) {
      _level0.presentation.courseCompletionBtn();  // call function in Includes/UDFs_v#_#.as
      //getURL ("javascript:top.hidden.document.form1.submit()");


      When I entered the code for the button I put -


      getURL ("javascript:top.hidden.document.form1.submit()");

      I'm new to this so I might not have copied enough or copied too much.

      Thank you,