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    cfclocation hell

    Bill Spitzig Level 1

      The ORM which did work fine when everything was in the same directory gives this error


      Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface ORM.Artist.


      when I moved the Artist.cfc to its own folder at C:\JRun4\servers\cfusion\cfusion-ear\cfusion-war\ORM\cfc


      I am using this in the application.cfc







      <cfset this.name = "arty"> <cfset this.ormenabled = "true">

      <cfset this.datasource = "cfartgallery">

      <cfset this.ormsettings.logSQL = "true">

      <cfset this.cfclocation="/ORM/cfc">



      I have also tried <cfset this.cfclocation="ORM.cfc">


      I tried using script notation in the application.cfc, creating a mapping in admin, every kind or dot, backslash and forward slash I could think of.


      No joy. Any help greatly appreciated. This is the Artist.cfc -- stolen straight


      <cfcomponent output="false" persistent="true" table="Artist" hint="Hint.">



      <cfproperty name="artistid" type="numeric" validate="integer" setter="false" hint="Hint"

      persistent="true" fieldtype="id" column="id" ormtype="integer" generator="identity" length="10"/>


      <cfproperty name="firstname" type="string">

      <cfproperty name="lastname" type="string">

      <cfproperty name="address" type="string">

      <cfproperty name="city" type="string">

      <cfproperty name="state" type="string">

      <cfproperty name="postalcode" type="string">

      <cfproperty name="email" type="string" validate="email">

      <cfproperty name="phone" type="string" validate="telephone">

      <cfproperty name="fax" type="string" validate="telephone">

      <cfproperty name="thepassword" type="string">