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    Scroll Pane and Scroll Wheel

    Jens Peermann Level 2

      Is there a code that will make the scroll pane operate with input from the mouse's scroll wheel?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Using the scroll wheel can have mixed results in browser windows, with different results cross platform. The best case is where the browser window is big enough to show all the content without scroll bars appearing, that way when you do scroll, the browser doesn't try to grab the events for itself. That aside, mousewheel events didn't used to work on Macs, so if you're trying to get it to work on a mac in an older Flash player, you can use somethign like swfaddress, that has the Javascript in it to get Macs to see the events. With player 10.1 it now seems to work on Macs too, adnd you don't have to do anything, the ScrollPane itself listens for the events.

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            Jens Peermann Level 2

            Thanks, Colin.


            I installed Flash Player 10 and the mousewheel started scrolling immediately. I wasn't aware that this is a MAC issue with players prior to 10. Thanks again for the help.