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    Premiere Elements 8 unable to open .prel file.


      I am a student and cannot always work on my projects at school, so I downloaded the 30 day trial of Preimiere Elements 8 so that I could work on it at home where I have more time. The computers at the school use the same program and I've never had an issue opening .prel files there but when I tried to open them up at home the application told me the file was not compatible or I didn't have the right codec.


      I find that to be quite silly considering I can open the same file type just fine on the school computers, and it's also a bit frustrating that I can't work on my projects when I had planned to.


      I can't tell you specifics of my system because I'm not sure how to find that information but it is an HP Compaq Presario running on XP - the school computers run on XP as well.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are these .prel files produced by version 8 of Premiere Elements?


          Where are these files located? Are they on your computer's C drive?


          Also, what type of camcorder did you source video come from?


          And have you gone to the Help menu and select Check for Updates to ensure you have the latest updates for Premiere Elements?

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            creep-machine Level 1

            Yes, I am using the same version of Premiere here as I did at school.


            Yes, they are on my C drive. However, would their being in my Downloads folder affect anything?


            I'm not sure what kind of camcorder it was as it's school property and I have to leave it there. It was a tape comcorder and I captured the video using firewire.


            Lastly, I have not. I will go do that now. [EDIT]: I've installed all new updates, restarted the application and I have moved the .prel files out of my Downloads folder, without any luck.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What is the exact error message that you get, when you go to Open the existing PREL? There might be some useful info in that.


              Good luck,




              PS - just as a warning, if you do get the PREL Open, and edit in the trial version, you will end up with watermarked material, with a Premiere Elements banner in the footage. Now, not sure how this will impact things, if you do not Export/Share from the trial, but it is something to be aware of and to consider.