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    I lost my photos, need help


      I used Photoshop starter to download photos from an SD card. Erased the SD card when photos showed on my computer. I attempted to organize the photos into different files. When done, I erased the photos in the master catalog but this automatically earased the copies in the collection files. I went to the Windows trash file to recover but could not find them. Any way I can recover these deleted files? Thanks for your help.

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          If they are not in the recycle bin, then I assume that the recycle bin was emptied at some point, so you'll need to try to recover the deleted files using a file recovery utility. You could try recovering both from your hard drive, or even your removeable card where the images were originally stored.


          I don't have a recommendation, but if you google 'File Recovery', there are several options.


          By default, Starter Edition does not delete files, even when you delete them from the catalog, it moves them to the recycle bin, but it sounds like you went the extra step, unfortunately.


          Good luck!