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    Why does my hyperlink change to text in ES?


      I am trying to create a PDF form in LiveCycle ES. My goal is to have a company form that Employee A can fill out in Adobe Reader, save and post to our intranet site where Employee B can retrieve it. I want Employee A to be able to copy a Google map link and paste it into the form. The Google link will change with every form she fills out. Then Employee B can open the form in Reader, click on the link and go straight to the correct map.


      For the Google link, I have a text field in Rich Text. When I view the form in Preview, I am able to highlight the default text in the field ("click here"), highlight it, and right-click to insert the hyperlink. But as soon as I tab over to another field, the link changes to a non-clickable Google string of text.


      It doesn't matter whether I view the form in LC PReview, or whether I save it and do the Extend Features in Adobe Reader. The link does not stay a link. I have tried making the form a static form, a dynamic form, changed every text field object I could, but I get the same result.


      What am I missing?