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    Rendering Issue ...  Please Answer


      I used Adobe Premiere Elements 8:


      I have worked very hard on a movie for a travel basketball team . . .  It consisted of only photos by using the slideshow creator.  I had been thrilled with the interface of the program and everything about this problem.  Occasionally it would crash, but it was not too bad. 


      My problem was with the rendering.  My movie (once again, consisted of only photos and a few [title] text slides) was 19 minutes in length.  I imported my slideshow into the movie editor and added a dvd menu (which i was very impressed with) and dvd credits.  I was running on a tight schedule and was very stressed to realize the rendering time for my movie was 9 hours . . .  but it failed . . .  it attempted again . . .  7 hours estimated this time and it failed once again . . .  i tried very poor quality formats . . .  one said 4 hours and the other 3 hours . . .  both failed . . . . .  after much time wasted and much stressed.  I resolved to rendering the slideshow only.  Took not as nearly as long, but not what i wanted.  I had not much time left, so I had to go with this. 


      Is my harddrive just not big enough?

      Would the photos being high quality present a problem?

      I need answers please because of future projects.


      Thank you for your help.

      God Bless.