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    Font embedding problem


      Hello to all...


      I'm having the following strange behavior in Flash Builder 4 using Flex 4.


      Due to the fact that I've started my project in Flex 3 and now I am migrating in Flex 4 I'm using both spark and mx components a lot.


      My recent change was to change all my mx buttons to s buttons. So I've created a style for the button and the graphics work great. BUT!


      I'm having the following code in my css style file




      fontFamily: svenings;

      src: url("assets/svenings.ttf");

      embedAsCFF: true;



      This font is used by the mx labels and its working great. Also I've added the following




      fontFamily: svenings;

      fontLookup: embeddedCFF;




      in order to have the same font in all of my s buttons.


      The problem is that the font isnt working for the buttons in the browser although inside of design view in the builder its showing fine! Also it is working for the mx labels in the browser.

      The s buttons in the browser display a weird times new roman-like font.



      any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong here?