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    Moving Merged Help Project Contents into one WebHelp Project?


      I have a merged help project comprised of 8 children projects. I need move all of that content (and hopefully index material) into a single WebHelp project. What is the best way to approach that? The final TOC should show a Getting Started folder and 8 Section folders (representing the children projects from the merged help project). Is this possible? I have successfully imported multiple topics into the current master help project but I don't see an "Import Project" option, which would (hopefully retain the structure). Otherwise it looks like I have to grab all of the topics and import them, with no organization....any suggestions as to approaching this.  I am also planning on copy and pasting all of the individual map ID/names info from each *.h file and pasting them into the master.h file to retain the context sensitive help. The developer can then align the appropriate MapID to the new button in the brand new GUI.


      Anyone done this before?


      Thanks in advance!