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    Best encoding setting for flv & dvd?

    2drumstix Level 1

      Curious if anyone has a good write up or article on the best settings for using Media Encoder to encode 1080p & 1080i at 60, 30 or 24fps? The Media Encoder has a lot of settings for FLV, DVD and bluray, just wondering if anyone knows of a good source and info for the way to get the best quality at a good file size for web, and for also for burning to disk. It just takes forever doing test after test after test, and then trying to read help docs and feeling slightly like info-overload to understand it all. I'm hoping someone out there knows the best setting (and what they do and why) to take HD film, then after editing in Premiere, encode that film and have your quality HD footage convey as good as possible to flash for web and disks.




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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          It's sounds simple, but just use a preset that matches the final output that you want.  If that doesn't produce good results for you then post back with the preset settings that you used, and exactly what isn't right about the result.  Then maybe we can point out things that you could tweak.


          Encoding is almost an art form, so one-size-fits-all settings are almost impossible to find.  Trial-and-error is almost always required.