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    Bug? catalog:batchGetRawMetadata doesn't recognize many keys

    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

      The method catalog:batchGetRawMetadata raises an error when presented with any of these keys:


      countVirtualCopies, masterPhoto, isVirtualCopy, countStackInFolderMembers, isInStackInFolder, stackInFolderIsCollapsed, stackPositionInFolder, topOfStackInFolderContainingPhoto, durationInSeconds, keywords

      The error is:


      An internal errr has occurred: Unknown key: "<key>"


      These keys don't raise an error when passed to photo:getRawMetadata. (While a functional workaround is to call getRawMetadata, when processing many photos that's 5-10 times slow.)


      Assuming this indeed is a bug, what's the best way to report it?