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    Best codec to use to encode MOV files? H.264?


      Adobe Premiere CS5 beginner here, though I have used earlier versions of Premiere Elements quite a bit.


      I'm trying to export video clips for web viewing. These clips must be in MOV format (i.e. no mp4, flv, etc). Some of them are high-motion and I'd like the best possible quality with reasonable filesize, but not sure what codecs offered by Premiere are best. I tried using the Quicktime H.264 codec, but the control panel options are limited (no options for 2-pass VBR, setting min/max bitrates, etc) and honestly the result was surprisingly blocky.


      Is there a way to expand the control panel for Quicktime H.264? Or is there a preferable QT codec offered in CS5? Any help would be much appreciated...