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    Close button on Transparent FLV for Embedding


      Hello Everybody!


      I have rendered out a FLV with alpha enabled and using wmode options correctly, i am able to get my flash content embed on top of my pages, over the content. SO far so good. But need help/suggestions on few things (wrt AS3)


      1) I need the embedded flash content to have a close button, otherwise what i am seeing is a flash movie playing on without an option to close. Tried a button with
      on (release){
      getURL("java script:window.opener=self;self.close();");


      doesnt help..Pls any suggestions?


      Is it that I have to place the FLV (alpha enabled) within a movieclip? and add a button there?



      2) Also I need to start this content in the webpage using a mouse over over a button. I know most of you can do it easily. Please help !!


      I am really stuck !

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          Devendran Level 1
          You need to use Lister for AS3. Here is the sample for you.
           import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
          function closeWindow(evt:MouseEvent){
          close_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, closeWindow);

          For button rollOver you have to use MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER similar to MouseEvent.CLICK placed above.

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            Amitshere Level 1

            Many Thanks Dvendran for your reply. It certainly gave me some idea bt I still have doubts.


            It would be great if you can stick with me in getting me out of this.


            I will explain the scenario precisely.


            -My Stage1 has a banner with simple button. This button when clicked expands the banner(no contents in the banner) onto the page.

            -This setup of the banner expand is done on a sub-stage, and called in Stage1.

            - The expanded has a close button to get back to normal unexpanded form.

            -Now I want my swf file to come and play when this banner expands and close with the same close button with which banner shrinks back.


            Does that sound reasonable? If thats not reasonalble, i dont mind any close button on my loaded swf that can close the swf.


            Please help me with this for which I shall be highly grateful !


            Any links or previous answered post will also do.


            Thanks, Amit


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