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    Switching focus


      I am new to Captivate (still playing with the Trial) and is evaluating the software before making the purchase. (That means I may ask stupid questions....)

      I was trying to use Captivate to generate a demostration for a certain application software. When it came to the point that the software popped up a editing window, I couldn't find an Captivate fuction or hot key that allow me to instruct Captivate to switch its focus to that pop up window. What I have done was dragging the pop up window and place it inside the Captivate red border box. And, the pop up window size was larger than the capturing size I have defined. I also couldn't find a way in Captivate to auto-fit the pop up window into the boundary (which is available for the main window before start recording).

      1. Is there any way to instruct Captivate to switch its focus to other applications or windows during recording? Or, what I have done is already the way?

      2. Is the auto-fit function available for the newly focused window?

      Thanks a lot for your help.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi RayChong and welcome to our community

          If you click Options > Recording Options... is there a check mark in the field labeled "Move new windows inside recording area"? If so, my guess is that Captivate simply isn't recognizing the window as a standard window. There could be different reasons for this. Perhaps the application developer is calling it in an unusual way. If you don't see a check mark in the option, it's possible that placing one there will fix the issue. To a certain extent.

          Are you able to resize this window? If so, does it retain its size once you do if you close it and open it again? If so, perhaps that's all you need in order to re-capture your actions. Otherwise, this falls into the area of considerations when planning your movie. You simply may need to increase the size of the move before recording, so the other window will fit.

          Hopefully this helps in some way... Rick
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            RayChong Level 1
            Thanks a lot, Rick.

            I have checked with my developers, they confirmed that the pop-up window is not standard window. Therefore, it is not Captivate's issue, it is mine. My developers will work it out.