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    2 Questions

    batmitra Level 1
      Hi everyone
      I have 2 questions:

      1st- If we have lots of options on a menubar, that exceeds screen size how do we make it scroll ?

      2nd- Does anyone knows about good examples on how to make a Map with flex? I need the zoom and panning functions if possible.

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          1. you could put the menubar within a container which will allow the container to scroll the menubar
          <mx:Canvas x="10" y="10" width="389" height="64" verticalScrollPolicy="off">
          <mx:MenuBar x="10" y="22" dataProvider="{viewstack1.getChildren()}">

          2. would probably be easy but would be a very lengthy explanation
          Yahoo has a Yahoo Maps Flex API available, might make life easy if you can use their API.
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            batmitra Level 1
            thanks for answering
            I'll try your suggestion for question 1, as for the 2nd, i know i can use yahoo api but i'd like to know the concept behind building a map application because i need to read Autocad files and draw it on the clientside, those cad files come with geographical reference. So you see yahoo is not my solution.