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    Automating Drag and Drop with UIComponents


      My specific issue is automating drag and drop with a UIComponent when a UIComponent is a child of another UIComponent using Flex SDK 3.3.


      The first error is "cannot find method mx.automation.events::AutomationDragEvent on  FlexObject" which is understandable as DragEvents are generally not instrumented on FlexObject - which suggest I should instrument DragEvents on my custom components.


      My question is - are there any known issues regarding this scenario when the custom component (UIComponent) has been instrumented with the drag events? - because the second error I get when mx.automation.events::AutomationDragEvent (DragStart, DragDrop and DragCancel) has been instrumented on my custom component is "Inconsistent parent-child relation found in parentRect->childRect" where parentRect and childRect are my custom components.  Does this error originate from flex or the recording software I'm using?

      Automating drag and drop (I believe) is a little different as the intermediary classes DragManager and DragManagerAutomationImpl seem to handle recording and playback whereas usually you would provide a delegate to handle custom recording and playback.


      in short my questions are:

      1) Should I need to instrument DragEvents on my custom components?

      2) If so, does the second error (parent child error) mean that I'm doing something wrong? - or is it a known flex issue? - or is this not a flex sdk issue?

      3) Should I be doing something different?  e.g. working with  DragManager and DragManagerAutomationImp?


      Thanks for any help on this (Hopefully it isn't too confusing).