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    A.R. prints pdf 'wavy'


      I have a rather strange problem; all my documents (Non-Adobe) are printed perfectly on my Canon MP560.

      But when I want to print a PDF it looks wavy. It looks like the inkcartridges arent't lined up. The whole document seems to shift horizontally a half milimeter every 1cm.

      The printer works wireless and cabled, the problem is on both ways. Also tried it from another pc with another version of Acrobat Reader, same problem.

      I reinstalled Acrobat Reader twice, same problem. I tried differtent PDF Documents; same problem. I tried printing from the rearfeeder and cassete; guess what; same problem...


      What else can I do? It looks like a setting, but I can't find anything. I contacted Canon Support Center and they said this was a 'common' problem and he suggested me to contact Adobe.


      Thanks in advance.