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    Set Arrowheads in CS5


      I have a project that uses many arrows.  Is there a way, in CS5, to set the arrowhead for repeated use?  Repeatedly selecting the arrowhead, direction and head thickness is time comsuming.

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          YKCreativeArts Level 2

          In case if you do not want to repeat the same operation, make use of Actions panel or even you may try Graphics Style too.

          In Actions panel record the action once, and play it as per requirement. Similarly you may create Graphic Style having Arrowheads, and then apply the same style on other objects.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            If you create the arrows all at once or most of them after making your other art then you can from the flyout menu of the appearance panel uncheck the default settings of New Art Has Basic Appearance. each time there after the next art you create will have the same appearance such as an arrow head withe specific size head.


            so if you make graphic styles of various arrowhead settings the last one you select will automatically be applied to the next path you create.


            If you don't then check the New Art Has Basic Appearance it will drive you crazy as it will continue to apply the style until you do something to change the appearance so test his out before unchecking the option and make a good workflow.

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              pvolkmar Level 1

              Thanks Wade, that worked just fine.

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                pvolkmar Level 1

                Thanks, that solves the problem.