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    Organizer Using Wrong Drive


      Last night my attempts to import video and photo files into organizer failed miserably and I hope you can help.  I have an assortment of videos in MTS format and photos in PSD format that I want to import into Organizer so that I can eventually use them in constructing a video and here is what happened when I attempted to use Get Media!Files and Folders:  I was presented with the file browser and was alble to successfully select the file(s) I wanted to import from my Drive D and then started the import process.  That process appeared to work just fine and during the processes I noted that it was reading the file(s) from drive D.  However, when the import finished the thumbnail(s)s had the broken link image and when I clicked on properties the catalog indicated the file(s) were on Drive E which of course they weren't.  This happened whether I selected single or multiple files.  Attempts to reconnect the file(s) failed with a message that they were already in the catalog.  Repairing the catalog, optimizing the catalog, and even creating a new catalog produced the same results.  I feel something stupidly simple is wrong but I haven't identified it yet and I'm hoping one of you brainiacs can help.  My system is:


      Intel 7-980X

      6GB memory

      Windows 7 64-bit

      160GB SSD Drive C (OS and applications)

      1TB Western Digital Drive D (data)

      2TB Western Digital Drive E (backup)

      Adobe Lightroom 3.0

      Adobe Premiere Elements 8

      Adobe Photoshop Elements 8


      Thanks in advance for your help.