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    Uprading to a different Suite: Will the programs of the old suite still work?

    Ninarama Level 1

      I recently thought about upgrading from CS4 Design Premium to CS5 Production Premium.

      The CS4 Design has about 2 Programs I almost never use: Dreamweaver and Fireworks

      The CS5 has 3 Programs which would be new: Premiere, After FX and Soundbooth.


      But I will still need InDesign. There's not so much new in InDesign CS5 that I would really need (most of it is do produce interactive stuff, well I still use it acutally for print).


      The question now is:


      Can I upgrade to a different Suite and still use old Programs that are not part of the new Suite?

      Example: I upgrade from CS4 DP to CS5 PP and still want to use InDesign CS4 - is this possible?