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    Scripting events




      I'd like to create a form that on the click of a check box, opens up  or allows input in to the next pertinent part of the form depending on their choice. Is there an example anywhere on how this is scripted? Since it's dependent on what is checked off, I'd need to have several different possibilities of what the subsequent node that would populate could be. Is this difficult to script? Should I be using Designer to do this or another tool within LiveCycle?


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          Its not difficult script. You are basically testing to see if the checkbox is on or not an dif it is on then make the area that contains the stuff that you want to show visible....otherwise keep it hidden. I woudl suggest building all of the parts that are dependant by putting each depandant area into a subform and once that is done we can add the script.



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            I secured a copy of Action Builder and have viewed a few video tutorials on this and it seems fairly easy. I may have questions on laying out a few locations of subforms if, then, else kinds of situations, but for now I'm just building the form.


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