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    Best way to load videos in Flash?


      Please watch this Flash file I've created that includes a video.




      When importing the .flv file of the video into the Flash project, I chose the imbedding method. I realize this increases the size of the overall .swf file when doing so. On the first watch (before the file is cached) it tends to pause while loading and/or jumps. I've tried other methods (like choosing the file has already been deployed to a web server, and play methods such as progressive download from a web server, stream from a Flash video streaming service, and stream from a Flash communication server). When choosing those other methods, the video loads nicely but the audio sounds a bit more distorted while playing. So, at present, I'm using the embed video in SWF and play in timeline option. Does anyone have any other suggestions to improve the video buffer speed, performance and the overall loading and quality of the Flash file? I'm still using Flash Professional 8. Thanks.