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    CS4 downloads?


      I need to download Dreamweaver and Flash CS4. my  company bought valid serial numbers for both just 2 months ago - we  never received the cds so I had to download trial versions and add the  serial numbers when installing - that worked fine.


      2 weeks ago my PC died and had to have it's hard drive  replaced, thus I lost both programs. Now I can't find either on this  website to download and reinstall. We're definitely not going to buy an  upgrade just to run software we bought a mere 2 months ago, so where can  I download cs4 from?

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          I have the same problem.  We had two systems crash

          ed and the third was a laptop which had the screen destroyed.  I am also trying to find a place to d

          ownload the trial CS4 sofwtare to get back in business.



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            Petаr Adobe Employee

            Please contact Adobe Customer Care - if you are a licensed customer they will provide you with access to CS4 software.

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              I have same problem, computer crashed, needed fresh OS install, now I'm looking to redownload and reinstall CS4.   I can login to adobe,  so it remembers me,  but it shows no Orders and no Downloads. Call customer service?  Tried that, but they close before I get home from work. No email link to Customer service provided.  So I try this forum.   Petar says "Contact Adobe Customer Care".    Sheesh.  HOW? 

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                FrancoDominic Level 1

                Is your CS4 purchased directly from Adobe? Is it via download or came with a box?

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                  I called Adobe and they told me my only option was to buy an upgrade to CS5. That is, I could not download CS4 nor would they sell me a

                  replacement CD for CS4... even though I have a pefectly valid license and I was just trying to install on a new PC to replace a crashed one.  This was my first call to Adobe support and hopefully my last. Possibly the worst customer support I have ever received for anything ever....

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                    FrancoDominic Level 1

                    If both those software are purchased directly from Adobe as a download, then you might still have access to the download. You just have to know the Adobe ID used in purchasing it. If it's from a reseller or in a disc, then, customer service is correct, upgrade is your only otpion. Unless you know someone who has an installation file/discs that you can borrow so you can use your licesenses.

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                      I am a licensed customer who downloaded CS4 Design Standard (Mac, English) from the Adobe Online Store for $499, but the CDs were never received. I have the Receipt/Order Number, and was able to print it out as recently as 29 AUG 2010. I also have the Serial Product Key. What I don't have is access to the download link.


                      A Customer Service rep merged two of our Adobe accounts on 12 SEP 2010 which seemed a good idea until I found that all the purchase dates, download and subscription histories, etc. are lost in the process. Now I have a problem with updating the various CS4 modules (it no longer accepts and installs updates from the Adobe Update Manager) for which Tech Support cannot find a solution. Their recommendation is either to download a fresh version of CS4 (for which they acknowledge there is no link) or purchase an upgrade to CS5!


                      Can Adobe Customer Service: i.) locate the Lost Link; and, ii.) provide it to those Adobe customers who have the requisite proof of purchase? DCD

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                        mburrs@cyburrs.com Level 1

                        I have the same issue. I need to redownload CS4 Flash Professional. I do not understand why I cannot download the software from the website and then use my key to unlock. Why should older versions be unavailable?


                        When I log into my account I can see all of my registration keys. Why not put a download link there?

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                          FrancoDominic Level 1

                          Is your Flash Pro CS4 purchase a download or the boxed one? If it is a download, try logging in using the email address that you used to purchase the software and check under "View Order History" (adobe home page > sign in > view order history) and check if you still have the download link. (I think the download link for the purchase lasts up to 3 years)

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                            stevenhalls Level 1

                            I gave up. It was too frustrating.  I have another PC and it needed a set of

                            adobe apps too,

                            so I bought a CS5 package,  and this time,  WAITED about 2 weeks for the DVD


                            come in the mail.   At least I have a real thing in my hand now.  I wont'

                            make the mistake

                            of ordering a download only from Adobe again.   Not everyone can afford to

                            do that, abandon a CS4

                            and buy a new CS5 package.


                            It would be nice, if Adobe would offer to take my CS4 license numbers, and

                            add the upgrade cost

                            to CS5,  take my upgrade money, and mail me a DVD for a fresh install of CS5

                            Design pro,  and then I can get my 2 PCs to

                            both have working Adobe software on them.


                            But I'm not going to phone Adobe and get on the queue to speak to someone

                            who has no clue.  Been there, done that.

                            Got no satisfaction that way.

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                              averplan Level 1




                              If you own a single-user (2 activations) serial number, you can find older Adobe trial installers on 3rd party websites.


                              For licensing customer, the only way is to have the access to licensing.adobe.com (refer to reseller or Adobe customer care).



                              Kind regards,