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    play another flv file in between a flv file 

      I am trying to find a way to play another flv file in between a flv file. Say, I play flv A for 10 seconds then play flv B and then resume back to flv A where it just stopped.

      Is it possible to do this and roughly how to do it?


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          Rex_Huang Level 1
          Sorry I accidentally clicked a few times when submitting the post
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            Rothrock Level 5
            It is possible, but there are many potential pitfalls. Are you talking about doing this over the web or from a CD? I'm thinking that doing this with dynamically loaded external FLV files. That will allow flash to better manage the memory and all. Do you already know how to do that? There are some great tutorials on gotoAndLearn.com

            For your specific question, I would probably have two different instances of whatever kind of player you use. Then either have cuepoints or just some function that checks the play time and then pauses the original, hides it, and reveals the other. The other plays through and has a listener for the Complete event. When it gets to the end, it hides itself, unhides the other and tells it to continue playing. In general not to hard once you give up the notion of doing it with one player.

            The only problem I see is the preloading/buffering of two streams of video. It may be possible, but without knowing exactly all the variable in play it is hard to say.

            Also it may be easier to edit your videos into many little pieces and just play them all in order and not worry about pausing.