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    CS5 install after CS4 not working?

    Datenshi Studio

      Hey there


      I'm running windows 7 64-bit Home on my laptop

      4 gigs ram DD3, Intel core i3 330m


      I used to have AE CS4 till my external hard drive crashed.

      I forgot about AE for a while untill i decided to start making video's again.

      Then, adobe had updated to CS5 & I installed the demo, just to take a look

      Since i have no license key, i reinstalled my CS4, but it was continuously giving issues about the license key (which was the correct key!!)

      So I removed CS4 again to install CS5 once more & maybe buy a key


      Now, when installing CS5 it says: exit code 7

      I tried removing all adobe apps, cleaning my pc till brand new.

      I installed CS5 on a small ex hard drive using a different computer & plugged it into my laptop

      Then it gave me the error message upon opening CS5:

      Code 5, quicktime is not installed on this computer.

      Funny thing is, i'm running quicktime

      After that, i get a second message & CS5 crashes.

      CS4 doesn't even want to install anymore & CS5 crashes


      I hope anybody can help me out here? Because I hate paying a lot of money for programms who don't work propperly.

      I browsed the adobe forums here but they only gave explanations for mac's.

      Those didn't really help me



      Anyway, thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I installed CS5 on a small ex hard drive


          All the explanation you need. It's stupid, really (no offense). Adobe never has supported this, as some components require to be installed on the system drive, anyway. There is no way to make them "portable". It's an urban legend purported by illegally available cracked versions. So in short: You will have to install the apps correctly on bothe systems and that extends to any version. Tips on cleanup and preparation can be found here and here.



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            Datenshi Studio Level 1

            The reason WHY i had to install it on a external drive, was because it wouldn't install in any way on my local computer

            the CS4 setup would go untill system profile check & then crash saying: go to customer support

            CS5 would start the install & then crash saying something about exit code 7 & show a report of 50+ warnings & 50+ fails


            You see, there's no way for me to install it, except on a different drive.


            Oh and btw, I tried all those clean up stuff, many many times, makes no difference at all =/

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Then by all means, please provide more info about your system (disk layout, other software, security settings) and the latest install logs along with a description of what you have specifically tried so far.



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                Datenshi Studio Level 1

                Ehmmm, what can I say?


                As I said, i'm running windows 7 64-bit home edit on an acer laptop

                CPU intel core i3 330m

                Intel graphics media accelerator HD 1754 DVMT

                4 GB mem


                About the install logs ...

                First I had CS4 installed, worked perfectly.

                Checked out the trial of CS5 which worked fine.

                Since i didnt want to buy CS5, i removed it & reinstalled CS4. CS4 was giving problems with my license key (asking all over again)

                So i tried to browse the web a bit, and then found windows install clean up or something. I was said to use it along with a guide to propperly remove CS4

                and since then, everything got messed up. Now the CS4 installer won't run further than the first screen & CS5 runs till the install part but then crashes with the message exit code 7 & showing loads of errors.

                So I tried installing CS5 on an external drive, which you know and I opened CS5 with my laptop linked on that drive.

                Giving the message: quicktime is not installed, some thing will not work propperly.

                And I checked it three times, I have quicktime installed


                I don't know what else I can share

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Are there any other adobe tools on the system? Adobe Reader? Standalone installs of older versions? Did you at any point run the Clean Scripts? Did you delete the caps.db and cache.db files for the install/ licensing systems? I'm still not getting any closer to figuring out what might actually be wrong....