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    Hard drive recommendations


      Hi guys!


      Current setup:



      C: 540 GB free of 689 GB (OS)

      D: 69 GB free of 300 GB (personal drive w/ music, docs, etc)

      F: 201 GB free of 455GB


      F: is where all my client files are including

      • original MOV, MTS, AVI files
      • Premiere Pro files
      • Output files
      • other client files such as website assets, pages, docs, etc.



      Should I invest in a separate HDD for video editing?  If so, what one do you recommend?  Budget concerns need to keep it below $100.

      I've had my eye on this for a while:


      Do you recommend?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Good choice! But try to organise your load a bit better over your different drives.

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            appstate98 Level 1

            Hi Harm!



            So to make sure I understand- when dedicating a HDD for video editing, what exactly should go on that HDD?


            - the original videos?
            - Premiere Pro folders- Auto-Save, Preview Files, Encoded Files?

            - What about other files like PSD used for titles?

            - Any After Effects files?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Don't think in terms of your tasks. Think in terms of what each disk must do. A disk can only do one thing at a time. It you ask it to do 50 things, it has to wait each time for the previous assignment to finish before it can start the next. It is like serial processing, contrary to parallel processing. Multi-threading is a nice example of breaking things up into tasks that can be performed in parallel, without waiting for the earlier task to be finished. That is the reason a single core CPU is so much slower than a quad core. Same with disks. Distributing the load is what MPE is all about, give some tasks to the CPU and at the same time give some tasks to the GPU and in doing that, you get significant performance gains.


              You can read up on the basics here: Adobe Forums: Storage rules for an editing rig. Some...


              The important issue is Distributing the load.


              So read from one disk, write to another, use the pagefile on another and use the OS & programs disk also in a separate role. A lot of posts here, or better yet in the hardware forum, go about setting up your disks. There is valuable information to be found there, so start reading...

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                appstate98 Level 1



                Thanks for the explanation and article.


                According to the article you linked:


                Rule 3: Use at least 3 different physical disks on  an editing machine, one for OS/programs, one for media and one for  pagefile/scratch/renders....


                Rule 4: Spread disk access across as many  disks as you have. If you have OS & programs on disk C:, set your  pagefile on another disk. Also set your pagefile to a fixed size,  preferably somewhere around 1.5 times your physical memory.



                Currently, I use 2 discs:

                1- C:\ which has my OS and all  program files including Premiere Pro CS5

                2- F:\ has all the project files for clients


                If I get a new HDD, should I change my scratch disk settings?


                Here's my current SD setup:



                6-19-2010 3-22-33 PM.png

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Thanks to your question (and many others) I set up a Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup that may help you configure the system for optimal performance.