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      Is there a wishlist for FC Next? I feel there are some important things missing in the current release.


      Every day I use FCI have noticed two points: there could be more commonalities with other Adobe design products, in particular the ability to use ALT + mouse wheel for zooming; there is no numerical info panel.


      To me the second one is very important. I can see a label, for example, is a couple of pixels out of line, but using the mouse is awkward because you first have to move the object away from where it is and then back again, because of snapping. Align options are no good because the labels container is partially off screen as part of a transition, so free hand positioning is the only way.


      Another issue I have noticed is the lack of ability to quickly publish the bin-debug version, forcing you to have to run the project each time and launching a browser, instead of just being able to quicjk publish on save so that you can keep the one browser window open and hit refresh...re: Flash Builder 4/Flex.


      I'm sure there are more things I will find, so it would be nice to be able to compile the list somewhere.