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    CS4 and Windows 7 64-bit


      I have CS4 Design Premium and am looking at buying a new computer that will have Windows 7 64-bit.  My problem is that I can't seem to get a straight answer about whether or not it's compatible.


      I called Adobe support and asked him directly and he said no, CS4 will not work on Windows 7 64-bit.  After a little more digging I suspect that he was doing what sales people do and was trying to up-sell me to CS5.  I'd rather not do that if I can avoid it, a new computer is expensive enough by itself.  I searched these forums 10 or 12 pages deep and I've seen a few threads about this very thing, some people are having trouble here and there and others got it resolved and it's working fine.


      Seeing that some people got it working gives me hope, but I don't want to go through a troubleshooting nightmare either.


      Can someone here set the record straight please?


      I appreciate any help I can get




      jay e

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          For the record and on behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated, let me assure you that CS4 Design Premium does indeed install and work on Windows 7 64-bit. That's exactly the environment that I've personally been using for my systems here at Adobe prior to the release of CS5. I also apologize for the ignorant response given by Adobe Support. The response you received was certainly not what Adobe Support personnel are instructed to give!


                    - Dov

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            jayae0607 Level 1

            Perfect!  Thanks Dov, I thought that was the case, thanks for clarifying

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              For the record, I have Adobe CS4 Web Premium and it is working fine on Windows 7. However, I can no longer find support on line for CS4. I paid hundreds of dollars for something for which I can nolonger gt support? That is uncalled for.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                The only free support Adobe provides is for installation. If you have any other problems you'll either need to pay for support or visit the appropriate user to user forum and post your question there.



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                  jshaw42 Level 1

                  What I want is not support, per se. I only want what is included with the program. When I click on the "help" button, I expect to go to the help section. A question as simple as how does one find and use the fill tool in Photoshop should be answered in help. Every other application I use does this.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Are you saying when you click help, nothing happens?


                    Does this happen in every program or just Photoshop?



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                      jshaw42 Level 1

                      What I am saying is that whatever application in CS4 I am using, if I click on the help button, I am taken to the CS5 web page to a section that does not answer my question.

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        That's odd. I have CS3 4 and 5 installed and they all go to the correct help. That said in the lower right corner you should see this:




                        Just pick the right one.



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                          jshaw42 Level 1

                          I get the CS4 page you are showing. However, when I do a search for "fill tool" all the answers are about CS5 "fill bucket".

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                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            There is a small check box there to return results on CS4 only.



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                              jshaw42 Level 1

                              Found the check box, THANKS!!! You guys have made me a believer again.

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                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                Glad you got it sorted.



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                                  waxydc Level 1

                                  Dov, could you post whether this information continues to be correct - that CS4 can be installed and operate on Windows 7?


                                  I had a hard drive crash in August and have been trying to reinstall CS4 on my new hard drive so far without success.


                                  Thank you!



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                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    I ran CS4 for quite some time on Win 7 64 bit.


                                    Perhaps some details on the problems you're having will help us help you.

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                                      Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                      Although CS4 is now four versions back in terms of Adobe software, there was nothing done in any of the CS4 updates or as far as we know in the Windows 7 updates to break that compatibility.


                                      Exactly what do you mean by “so far without success?” Do you get an error message? Or after installation does the software not run? What type of media are you installing from?


                                      More information as to the symptoms of the failure and maybe either I or others on this forum might better assist you. 


                                                - Dov

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                                        waxydc Level 1

                                        Thank you very much for your response.  As I mentioned, the reason I wanted to install CS4 was that my computer hard drive crashed.  I now have a new hard drive and am reloading my software programs, including CS4.  CS4 was operating on Windows 7 64-bit prior to the crash, and I have Windows 7 64-bit on my new hard drive as well.  I am not having problems with the reinstall of any other software programs.



                                        I downloaded the CS4 files (with help from Adobe support staff, see Case #0184703337) to my desktop.  Over the last several days I have tried to install the CS4 software numerous times, all without success.  There have not been any error messages.  The install screen prompts me to select the suite programs to be installed, then shows me a "progress" screen.  However, it goes no further.  The only explanation Adobe technicians have offered is that CS4 software was never adapted to Windows 7, and therefore is incompatible.



                                        I would appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you again.




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                                          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                                          As Dov has already stated that CS4 is compatible with Windows 7 and it should install and run fine.


                                          There are various component which get installed along with Adobe Softwares hence it will be hard to state where exactly the installation is stopping without actually viewing the logs.


                                          Please share the install logs from the below locations :-

                                          • Windows 32 bit (XP, Vista, 7): \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\

                                          • Windows 64 bit (XP, Vista, 7): \Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers

                                          The log filename includes the product name and install date, followed with ".log.gz." The extension .gz indicates a compressed format.


                                          NOTE :- Place the log file on Pastebin.com and share the link here.

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                                            waxydc Level 1

                                            Thank you for the suggestions.  Below are links to 3 log files stored on PASTEBIN (Windows 7, 64-bit).



                                            http://pastebin.com/vRHTZj08 (9-16-13)

                                            http://pastebin.com/sc6jEpgU (9-17-13)

                                            http://pastebin.com/B14p1d6R (9-18-13)


                                            I appreciate your help.




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                                              Gerald Hurley

                                              I looked at my Pastebin account and did not see the files I had posted to the site, therefore do not know if they were available to forum participants.  I therefore have reposted the installer log information as requested by Manish-Sharma.  See links below..



                                              Installer Log File #1



                                              Installer Log File #2



                                              Installer Log File #3


                                              If you have any difficulty receiving or reading the log information, please let me know.  Thank you.



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                                                waxydc Level 1

                                                Manish -



                                                Have you been able to see my postings on the forum re CS4/Windows 7?  Thank you.




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                                                  Joni B.

                                                  Good afternoon~! It just so happens we've been investigating this issue while researching a Hardware/Operating System Upgrade. What's 'interesting' is that Adobe replies CS4 runs on Windows 7 64bit, but neglects to say what flavor/version, ex: Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. And the Tech Support Matrix is 'unclear' to me, and searches are somewhat of a dead end too.


                                                  My question is: What exact version(Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate) are you running, Windows 7 64bit wise? Thanks~!

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                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                    It SHOULD run on all of them.

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                                                      Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                      At Adobe, we typically use the Professional version, but we know of no good reason why it shouldn't install and work on any of the Windows 7 64-bit versions. The difference, at least for Windows 7, is what “added value” stuff / junk is bundled with the operating system (encryption, domain membership, enhanced media players, etc.), not the basic OS functionality necessary to install and run the software. As far as I know, we have never received reports of InDesign not working on any particular variant of Windows 7 64-bit.


                                                                - Dov

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                                                        Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                                                        Hi Waxydc,


                                                        I apologies for delayed response.


                                                        I checked the links shared by you and they are in a non-readable text format.

                                                        The install logs should be at the location given by me in previous post and are in compressed format with .gz extension.


                                                        You need a utility like 7-zip to unzip the content and then you will have the actual text file in human readable form


                                                        Please share that those files.



                                                        Manish Sharma

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                                                          waxydc Level 1

                                                          Thank you, Manish (and everyone else who posted).  I copied and pasted the 3 text files unzipped from the 3 gz installer files to pastebin.com.


                                                          Additional Info is as follows:


                                                          My computer:

                                                          Processor - 2.30 GHz 9650 AMD Quad-Core

                                                          Ram - 8.00 GB (7.74 GB usable)

                                                          Hard Drive Capacity - 452 GB (Used space 134 GB, Free Space 318 GB)

                                                          Windows 7


                                                          Adobe product:

                                                          Adobe CS4 Web Premium 4 (Upgraded from Macromedia Studio 8)


                                                          FYI, my CS4 Web Premium 4 was originally installed to Vista (my computer's first OS), and I incurred no problems with it when I replaced Vista with Windows 7.  My problems with CS4 occurred following the crash of my computer hard drive.  When I replaced that hard drive with a new one, I installed Windows 7, MS Office 10, and numerous other programs - without difficulty.  It was upon trying to install CS4 that I encountered the problems that led to my contacting this forum.


                                                          Hope this leads to my being able to use CS4, and that whatever we find out can be made available to others.  Thank you again!



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                                                            waxydc Level 1

                                                            Sorry, Manish, I neglected to send you the 3 new pastebin.com links.  They are:




                                                            http://pastebin.com/hvwNZ7F2; and




                                                            Please let me know if you need anything else.  Thank you.



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                                                              Joni B. Level 1

                                                              Thank you very much for the quick response. This is EXACTLY what we needed to know as we move forward with our hardware refresh!

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                                                                waxydc Level 1

                                                                Manish, Dov and Bob -


                                                                I am still hoping that you will be able to offer some guidance on how I can successfully load CS4 on my Windows 7 64 bit desktop.  My pastebin.com page, on which my installer log files are posted, is http://pastebin.com/u/waxydc.  May I hear from you?


                                                                Thank you.



                                                                • 30. Re: CS4 and Windows 7 64-bit
                                                                  waxydc Level 1

                                                                  I apologize, Joni.  I overlooked your post until now.  I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.



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                                                                    Hi Dov,


                                                                    I work for an Adobe reseller in the UK and  have been facing an issue with CS4 Design premium lately.


                                                                    One of our customer's purchased the License and Media disk in 2008.


                                                                    Till now; 32 bit machines were running this smoothly but now they have one 64 bit machine installed and the license key is not working while during activation.


                                                                    They maintain that the 64 bit install files were from the original media disk bought in 2008.


                                                                    Do we really had 64 bit installers going in the CS4 media disks back in 2008 ? Have checked Adobe sites and support for an answer but have had no success.

                                                                    Or, do we have separate keys for 32 and 64 architecture?


                                                                    Finally, if this indeed is a license key issue; whom do I contact as the support number points me to the site for "discontinued products" and the site doesn't seem to have anything on this?


                                                                    Please could you help?




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                                                                      Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee



                                                                      If I recall correctly, CS4 products installed and activated on 64-bit Windows versions current at the time without an issue. As an Adobe reseller, you have (or are supposed to have) some direct contacts within Adobe Sales that you will to work with on this. From my vantage in Adobe engineering, I don't have the resources or contacts to assist with this matter.


                                                                               - Dov

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                                                                        anandrm Level 1

                                                                        yepp thanks Dov.


                                                                        I do believe its a license issue which obviously needs to go to the license desk

                                                                        I was just looking for someone to confirm if the media disks back in 2008 indeed had 64 bit installers.

                                                                        Unfortunately all my Adobe licensing contacts came into the business after 2008 so the knowledge is scarce.


                                                                        Thanks for your time..



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                                                                          HI, I have Web premium CS4, purchased in 2008, running on XP. Recently I moved to Win7, I deactivated the CS4 from XP and installed the DVD on Win7 64bit, and it worked without any problem.

                                                                          I wonder if this will work as well on Win10, as I have a notification that I can upgrade for free !?!


                                                                          If anyone is interested, i also have 1 Web Pemium CS4, and 1 Design Premium CS4, purchased for company that we are not use it any longer. We can arrange the Transfer license on Adobe website.

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                                                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                            If you plan to stick with CS4 upgrading to Windows 10 would not be advisable.

                                                                            • 36. Re: CS4 and Windows 7 64-bit

                                                                              TO ANYONE....


                                                                              Recently having a problem of CS4 "crashing" when trying to save a file as a GIF through "Save for Web".  Windows 7 Pro reports the following:


                                                                              Problem signature:

                                                                                Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

                                                                                Application Name: Photoshop.exe

                                                                                Application Version:

                                                                                Application Timestamp: 4bf2d91c

                                                                                Fault Module Name: Save for Web.8BE

                                                                                Fault Module Version:

                                                                                Fault Module Timestamp: 48d3966d

                                                                                Exception Code: c0000005

                                                                                Exception Offset: 000000000023a2a6

                                                                                OS Version: 6.1.7601.

                                                                                Locale ID: 1033

                                                                                Additional Information 1: 2a75

                                                                                Additional Information 2: 2a75f989ee115f5c25e9c712cb1d4af1

                                                                                Additional Information 3: 8e76

                                                                                Additional Information 4: 8e762a0f66717e5fff6188762f04461d


                                                                              I have performed the following:

                                                                              - Increased memory usage for PS in "Performance"

                                                                              - Updated to the latest driver for my graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 through NVIDIA


                                                                              I am still getting the problem happening.  PS is part of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium.  Any suggestions?  Are there any known Win 7 Pro update issues that could be causing this event?  Exporting to GIF has worked fine 2-3 windows updates ago.

                                                                              • 37. Re: CS4 and Windows 7 64-bit
                                                                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                You’ll get way more help in the Photoshop forum.