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    Adobe AIR Runtime Redistribution and Native Installer

    shades0404 Level 1

      Will there be new instructions for Adobe AIR 2.0 Runtime Redistribution? In particular, I'm looking for instructions on how to use the runtime redistribution installer to perform a "side-car installation" of AIR 2 alongside an application that uses the NativeProcess API (and so must be built into a native installer instead of a .air file).



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          AMAC5TH Level 1



          On a test deployment using SCCM and the supplied Adobe AIR Runtime Installer files, we have managed to install our application with the 1.5.3 Air Framework with no major issues other than having to disable the Auto Update feature that doesnt really work in a corporate environment.  Everything was absolutely fine until the release of AIR 2.  Now, the test machines are prompted to install the updated Adobe Air 2 framework once a week, see an excerpt from an Adobe blog post below:



          "In addition, once a week AIR apps check to see if an AIR update is available, and if so, users are presented with the option to update to the most up‐to‐date version, helping to ensure that end users get the benefits of improved security and performance."

          That sounds great right?  Except my users (like many other corporate users) don't have Admin permissions on their machines (hence the use of SCCM), with the result being resultant error messages when a user attemptes to install the AIR framework update without the necessary permissions.

          All of the above would be fine if the Adobe AIR Runtime Installer files were updated to include the latest version of the runtime.  This of course hasn't been done yet - does anyone know when this may happen?  Can anyone help me with this or offer any advice?


          I hope the above makes sense and I would really appreciate any help or advice!


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            shades0404 Level 1

            Any updates available regarding AIR 2 Runtime Redistribution with native installers? Is it being worked on?



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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              This is on our roadmap, but I don't have a date or release I can give you yet.  I'm going to forward this along to our management team but I'd also like to suggest that you add this request to our ideas.adobe.com page.  I did a quick search and couldn't find it listed.  Once you add it, please let us know so we can all vote.