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    Reading collection setting dialog values for Publish service collections




      I'm rewriting an export plugin which uploads images to a website so it can be used as a Publish service. Images in the web site are shown grouped into different galleries, and the former plugin version let the user choose which one to upload the photo. This preference is still available when configuring the new publish service, but I'd like to be able to choose a different gallery for every collection in the publish service.


      I guess this can be done, since I've seen a similar idea in Jeffrey Friedl's Flickr publish service plugin, but I have no idea about how can this be achieved.


      Although I've been able to put a mock-up of the gallery list at the "viewForCollectionSettings", had no success reading that info for the "processRenderedPhotos" (I've been trying at "endDialogForCollectionSettings"). Can't read the values specified in the collection setting dialog. And even if I could, then I'd have to figure out how to pass the value to "processRenderedPhotos".


      Any suggestion?


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