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    How to access a Siteminder SSO protected LCDS endpoint from an AIR application?

    r4jkum4r Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      I am currently working on a Flex application that has both browser and AIR versions. I have to connect to an LCDS installation that is protected by Siteminder SSO authentication. The web based version of the Flex app is part of a bigger app that is already configured for SSO. and the requests to {contextroot}/messagebroker/amf work fine since Siteminder has already authenticated the user for {contextroot} already.


      The AIR app is a different story. There is a way to obtain a cookie from the Siteminder agent by submitting user credentials, and then use this cookie for future requests to the protected URL. I am not sure how to do this using AIR. Has anyone worked on something similar? Any insight would be helpful.


      Thanks in advance!