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    I am having problems importing DNxHD files into premiere - any ideas?




      I am really stuck... I recently shot about 5 hours helicopter footage of the coast here in Cornwall (UK) using the helicopter companies sony HDcam.

      Unfortunately as I do all my work on P2 and CF cards I did not have the equipment to capture the footage from the HDcam tapes.


      I employed a guy associated with the helicopter company to take the footage from the tapes and place it on a hard drive that I could pick up and edit from. He was convinced that the best bet was to code the files in the DNxHD codec from avid - and that I would be able to import and edit it in premiere. I assumed he was right as I have always managed to import the .mxf P2 card files with no problem at all.


      Anyway to get to the point - I got the hard drive earlier in the day and premier does not want to play ball at all - I keep getting the message 'The file has an unsupported compression type' every time I try and import it.


      I've downloaded the AvidCodecsLE to my mac - but no joy...


      Any thoughts would be very much appreciated