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    Differentiating Between Different "Types" of Markers When Placing On Timeline?


      Hello Folks,


      I've searched this forum, FAQ and AE forum at Creative Cow ... couldn't find a post related to my particular requirement. It would seem what I'm trying to do is not rocket-science and After Effects (version CS5) should be able to do it without resorting to scripting (I hope) ?


      I will be dealing with a large number of videos where I need to synchronize graphics animations with the audio dozens of times during each video. I have 8 different graphics animations which are common between all videos.

      I understand the bit about dropping "markers" on the timeline using the "*" keyboard shortcut when previewing the audio. But that doesn't tell me the "type" of marker when I go back and associate a particular animation with each one, for example:


      Marker "Type A" ... button push animation

      Market "Type B" ... slide switch to left animation

      Marker "Type C" ... slide switch to right animation

      etc. etc. Ideally ... some "shift/ctrl + Number" via keyboard sequence to place AND identify the marker when its dropped on the timeline?

      This step is looking to be a major time consumer in our process, finding a way to deal with it efficiently would be incredibly helpful.


      Thanks for your help,