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    RH8 evaluation: Can't select bullet or numbering format

    kmaddox1 Level 1

      I feel like I must be losing my mind--haven't been able to figure this one out. I'm using an evaluation copy of RH8 ( that I downloaded last week to my new Windows 7 64-bit machine. When I right click a paragraph and select Bullets and Numbering  I am unable to select any of the bullet or numbering formats on the Bullets and Numbering form. While I can see the six default numbering options (none, a,b,c; A,B,C; 1,2,3; i,ii iii; and I,II,III), I can't select any of them. The same is true when I click the Bullets tab to select a bullet format--I can see the five built-in formats, but I can't select any of them.


      This occurs regardless of how I access the form and it occurs whether I'm creating a new list in a new RH8 project or updating a list in an existing (RH7) project. When I perform the equivalent steps using RH7, things work as expected--I can select any of the predefined numbering options.


      Has anyone else seen this problem? or am I missing something really obvious?