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    Instances of Controls(.Net Devs please help)

    Gaizek Level 1

      I've been trying for awhile to find out how to do this, and no one seems to understand what I am saying.  Hopefully someone who knows .net & Flash will see this and be able to answer it.


      Okay, in .net when I put a control on a form, set its properties, and give it a name then I can call it in code by that name.  That doesn't seem to work in flash.  I've tried it with graphic, movie, & button objects, and I just can't figure out what to reference the object by.  It just seems like whatever I do in flash is in its own seperate world when I am writing the actionscript.


      My program runs fine by itself, but if I put anything on the stage in Flash then I can't interact with it through code.