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    Loosing first word of each sound file…

    Applied CD Level 1
      This is not my project but I’ve been asked to help find a fix. My coworker has a long (about 3 minute), linear, narrated piece. Rather than use cue points the narration is divided into short segments (about 1 sentence or 8 seconds each), each segment placed one after the other in sound channel 1 with one clear frame between each. Background music plays continuously in channel 2. She uses the following frame script to loop the playback head for each sound segment (I know the else clause isn't needed but it shouldn't hurt):

      on exitFrame
      if soundBusy(1) then
      go loop
      end if

      The problem is on some slower machines (eg 1.8 GHz single processor, 52X CD, plenty of ram) she is loosing the first word of each sound segment. The visual elements consist mostly of flash animations although the problem is apparent even on frames with simple bitmaps. The problem goes away on the second play of the disk. Has anyone seen this?

      The narration sound specs are: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, mono, variable duration (approx 8 – 20 sec), standard import (ie, not linked)