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    Uninstall LR2 after upgrade to LR3 (Windows 7 64-bit)?


      I just purchased the online LR3 upgrade and then upgraded LR2 to LR3.

      The upgrade seems to have worked just fine, and I am able to open and operate LR3 on my existing catalog.


      Apparent problem:  LR2 was not uninstalled, so when I insert media, etc, both LR2 and LR3 show up as possible target applications.


      Question: Should I uninstall LR2, or should I just leave it there and ignore it?  I definitely do not need to run the LR2 application, but I also do not want to harm my LR3 installation or existing catalog.  FYI, I did upgrade all of the photos in the LR3 catalog to the new (2010) process.  My machine a Windows 7 64-bit box.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          JayhawkTartan Level 1

          Solved:  After not receiving any replies, I decided to go ahead and uninstall LR2 and remove the LR2 catalog.  In short, this produced no unwanted side effects; that is, LR3 functions just fine and has retained all editing info in the LR3 catalog that was created.


          I do not know why the LR3 installer did not uninstall LR2, but I can confirm that manually uninstalling LR2 after LR3 was installed and tested did not present a problem.  Your mileage may vary.

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            That is normal. Some users may want to retain the older version for a variety of reasons e.g. results comparison, possible problems with new version etc.

            You see the same behavior with Photoshop or Creative Suite upgrades.

            There can be some gotchas in that instance with file handling preferences for example. It's not been an issue for your circumstance though, by the sound of it.