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    Zooming on an image that's not the centre of picture?




      I have been trying to find a tutorial or info on how to do the following...


      I am using PE4 and I like some of my images to zoom in on certain things in a photograph.  I am using the Presets which works fine if you want to zoom in to the centre of the photograph but how do I zoom in on an angle?  For example if there are 3 people in a photograph and I want the focus to be on the person on the right how do I change the path so that the zoom starts from full photograph (where pic is taking up the whole screen) and have it zoom towards the face of the person on the right side?  Is there a way to change the path without having to offset the photo to begin with?  At present I can only zoom into the centre which isn't always the effect I am after.


      I have tried several things but am just having no luck - am I even in the right area?


      Any help would be appreciated.