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    Websites Using RH6 HTML Help?

      Newbie here -- I used to write online help when Robohelp was marketed by Blue Sky.

      My company (a software developer) has decided to buy Robohelp 6 to develop online HTML help for its product. The RH software will be available to me next week, and I'm trying to get back up to speed with it.

      Can anyone provide some links to companies that currently use RH for their online help? I'd just like to see what it looks like now and maybe get some ideas.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          May we also extend our greetings to the other folks in the old people's home. (Just kidding. I was using RoboHelp in the BlueSky days too and it seems a long time ago).

          Before worrying about appearance, perhaps I can point out one rather important thing since the last time you produced online help. Is your software client or server based? If it is server based, then you will need to generate webhelp rather than a compiled CHM file (also known as HTML help but that can be confused with webhelp given that it consists of HTML files). The reason is that Microsoft have had to introduce a patch that effectively means you cannot run a CHM file from a server. To be correct, you can but it involves editing the registry and your customers might not appreciate that. Client based software can either use a CHM file or it can use webhelp provided you add the Mark of the Web which is a check box option in RoboHelp 6. I have not seen any problems reported using webhelp locally in that way but I can't help but have an uncomfortable feeling that something pop up one day. There's more on my site about running CHM files on a network.

          On appearance I cannot point you to any sites other than the one in this post but the biggest change is that with webhelp, you can now use Skins. Pay a visit to http://www.robowizard.com where you will see a very classy presentation using RoboHelp and a skin. While you are there, download RoboWizard's Skinny on Skins which will tell you what you will need to learn.

          Search on my site using "demo" and you will find a number of downloadable RoboHelp outputs but they are just using a basic skin.

          Do take a look at the topic on my site about installing RoboHelp. Important you do it the right way.

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            baja0463 Level 1
            Peter: Many thanks to you, one of the recognized gurus on this subject. I was hoping to hear from you.

            First, let me say that I have carefully read your cautions on RH installation and will follow accordingly.

            I will be delivering pure HTML rather than CHM files, so you're right: I actually should've been seeking Webhelp guidance. Adobe's inclusion of Mark of the Web is going to be very helpful.

            I've also found my way out to Robowizard -- but since I'm very interested in skins, I'll pay closer attention this time. Thanks for that tip.

            And, you must have deduced by now that I have also surfed your excellent site, but only briefly. I'll be headed there soon for more.

            Blue Sky WAS a long time ago, Peter -- back in 1991, I think. Guess you're right again: that DOES qualify me (us) for the old people's home!

            Thanks again,