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    Problems with Publish Service

    Allen Gambrell

      I am in the middle of writing a publish service plugin and I am running into some big problems with the way publish services are designed.


      1. I am trying to delete the image from the server and I need to get the collection remoteId. I cannot find any way to get this in thedeletePhotosFromPublishedCollection function, it only passes a arrayOfPhotoIds and not the collection that they are in. The reason I need to do this is that on the server images are stored inside of gallery folders (think collections) with a different folder for each gallery (or collection). I have to get the collection the image is in to be able to delete it from the correct location.


      2. Along the same lines. A photo can only have one remoteId. This causes a problem if a user wants the same folder in another collection also. On the server the gallery (collection) that a image is in is stored in a database along with the remoteid (which is the primary key for this table). So the same cannot remoteid (primary key) cannot exist in multiple galleries (collections) at the same time. In Lightroom each instance of a image in a collection needs its own remoteId. If I try to publish a image to a second collection then I lose the link to the first!


      3. We need a way to block sections of the create collection/collection set dialog. Say I wanted the name of a collection to match the name of a gallery on the server, I need a way to prevent the user from entering a name.


      These are just a couple of isses I am running into. If anyone has any work arounds please let me know.