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    do i need acrobat.com?


      sorry im a noob on this forum.


      i really dont know what its use.

      im deleting programs off my computer.

      it says it was installed in 10/29/09 ver. 1.6.65


      do i need it?

      im sure its for pdf files.

      but i have the following installed already.


      adobe reader 9.3.2 mui

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use the forum for Adobe Reader or the forum forum for acrobat.com.

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            Doc Maik Level 4

            That's the problem with many software companies. They install a lot of useless stuff you can't even unselect during installation and of which you'll never know exactly what it's for and, most important, never ever use and need.


            Like that new "feature" to ask you if you want to let the application send statistical data about how you use it etc., ostensibly because they want to make their products better. Instead they should include a form to report errors and another one to ask you what you like and what you don't like about their product.


            I always think they should better remove bugs and improve old and well-proven features instead of implementing new buggy features or even remove very important ones in new versions.