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    Upgrade New Adobe Acrobat Reader For Windows


      Hi all,


      Today one off my colleagues received an email from newsletter@acrobat-reader-upgrade.com. See below  for the details.



      Dear valued customers,

      We are pleased to announce new release of Adobe Acrobat Reader 2010 which will give you more options to view, create, edit, print and share PDF documents.

      + 50% of your daily office works requires document handling.

      + 70% of your documents requires extra processing.

      + 15-20% of your documents requires exchanging with your peers, customers or partners.

      + 30% of such documents are in PDF format, and you need to view, edit, print and share them. 

      To learn more about new features and install  Adobe Acrobat Reader 2010, please:


      + Go to: http://acrobat-reader-upgrade.com/

      + Choose your options, download and start to improve your works.


      A full version of Office suite is also available for your download.


      Download Today: http://www.acrobat-reader-upgrade.com/


      Best regards,


      Adobe Acrobat Reader 2010


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      Website: http://www.acrobat-reader-upgrade.com/


      PDF Solutions | 34 Avenue Street | New York | New York | 10023 | USA


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      Is this spam? I can't find any upgrade or new update news on adobe.com besides version 9.3.


      I appreciate any feedback.