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    InDesgin Automation from MS Word with style

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      Hi All,

      I am new in indesign with automation works. My requirment are posted below, please read and let me know the feasibility of automations...

      Style automation (Module 1)

      • In Indesign, there are 3 frames per      page namely:
        • Heading (Frame 1)
        • Image frame (Frame 2)
        • Content with 3 to 5 lines (Frame 3)
      • All the above said frames are linked in      Indesign from 1st page to last page.
      • The input would be word file.
      • The style tags defined in the word      documents are same as the style tags defined in the InDesign.
      • When content is flown into the      template, the whole contents runs without breaking into the above said 3      frames.
      • The paginators’ uses a manual enter to      break the content into the respective frames.


      My Requirement is:

      • My entire requirement should work it      one with .Net (VB.Net or C#.Net) and Adobe InDesign CS4.
      • I have to built front-end screen to      choose the word file and while clicking the paginate, the program should      do following actions
      • It should automatically import the word      file into indesign application and it should flow based on template which I      provided
      • Heading should be placed in the first      frame of the first page
      • Then automatically go for next frame to      place the images
      • Then automatically go for next frame to      place the content without any manual interference.
      • Similarly all the pages should be      flowed automatically.



      Many Thanks,