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    As2 issue with loader


      I have been working on this

      for a minute and cannot seem to find out where I am going wrong been over the code several times and get the same result


      In my first layer I have 3 frames with unsing as2


      Layer 1 frame 1 i have action  script


      movieSize = this.getBytesTotal();
      moviePercent = movieSize / 100;
      sliderMove = _root.loadBar._x;
      percentMove = _root.percentContainer._x;



      Layer 1 frame 2 I have actionscript


      current = this.getBytesLoaded();
      _root.percentContainer.percent = Math.round(current / moviePercent);
      _root.loadBar._x = sliderMove + _root.percentContainer.percent;
      _root.percentContainer._x = percentMove + _root.percentContainer.percent;


      Layer 1 frame 3 I have actionscript


      if (_root.percentContainer.percent >= 100)



      Everything works as it should the only problem is the loader only starts loading at 50% and loads correctly it doesnt seem to start at 1%

      also I just noticed i changed the bg color to black and noticed it stayed white and the loader nor the bg color showed until 59% loaded