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    Partial delete of copy of graphic on new layer sees source graphic vanish !

    envirographics Level 1

      Deleting part of the graphic on an upper layer sees same artwork disappear on a lower layer.


      Here is the procedure.

      Artwork (properties..graphic) of a map border and symbols exists on a flash layer.

      Select layer and go edit duplicate. Makes a stepped away copy.

      Edit cut and make new layer over this one and go edit>paste, and make it also x0 y0. Now they superimpose.

      Turn off vis on lower one and d/click the art still showing, drag select the symbols and delete. Leaves just map border. Return to scene_1.

      Turn off vis for this and turn on the lower layer, and its artwork has also vanished !!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Even tried selecting the first layers artwork, going edit copy, then make a layer above, ed paste, then delete the symbols leaving border, and still the art on the lower layer is zapped.


      Why ?


      How can I clone this artwork and remove the symbols from the one, and the border from the other ?