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    ColorMatrix and ForwardMatrix

    Marco N.

      In the DNG profile there are two types of matrices: ColorMatrix and ForwardMatrix. I see that Xrite with its CC Passport tends to handle with the first type while Adobe with Calibration tab and DNG PE tends to handle with the second type.


      What are the differences beetwen the two matrices?

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          boscarol Level 1

          The two matrices are for two different and alternative conversion algorithms from Camera RGB to XYZ D50.


          Initially there were only ColorMatrix matrices and a single algorithm (A).


          In DNG 1.2 Adobe introduced ForwardMatrix and another conversion algorithm (B).


          ColorMatrix and algorithm A is still available, but the use of ForwardMatrix and algorithm B is recommended by Adobe for two reasons:


          "First, it allows the camera profile creator to control the chromatic adaptation algorithm used to convert between the calibration illuminant and D50 [Adobe use Bradford].

          Second, it causes the white balance adjustment to be done by scaling the camera coordinates rather than adapting the resulting XYZ values, which has been found to work better in extreme cases". (From DNG Specification 1.2, p. 65)





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            Marco N. Level 1

            Thank you for the explanation. The next time I post directly on your forum so I avoid the translation effort :-)